Bye Mum, I´m off to England!!!

42 kids on a train to Vienna - that´s how it all started a week ago.

The fourth grade of the NMS/SMS St.Valentin Schubertviertel travelled to England. We stayed with host families.


Four times we went to school in the morning.

In the afternoons we were sightseeing and had to do activities like a town quiz or ask local people questions about the history of England.

We went to Madame Tussaud´s in London, Sea Life and the famous pier in Brighton, spent some time at the beach in Worthing and wrote our diaries (in English of course ).


We had to find the way to school and back home alone. With our host families and our teachers we communicated in English.

The week in England was a great experience, we´ll never forget it!


Linda König & Marco Rußmüller